How To EASILY GROW 20K Followers On Instagram In 1 Month (From ZERO) |

How To EASILY GROW 20K Followers On Instagram In 1 Month (From ZERO)

There’s no hiding it; Instagram is one of the top social media channels today. Not only is it a good way to share your life with friends and family and promote your business, but it’s also an excellent way to make a lot of money.

Statista estimates that there are over 1 billion Instagram users worldwide.

That means, as a marketer, it’s a great place to get in touch with your ideal customers. 

But here’s the thing.

Getting engagement or reaching your ideal customer will be tough if no one follows you. 

That means you would just be posting content, and little to no one would see it.

Best of all, you don’t need to pay big money to get many followers; there are several free ways to earn more followers quickly. 

This article discusses how to increase followers on Instagram using seven of my favorite strategies:

Step 1. Optimize your Instagram bio and profile

Step 2. Post at least once a day

Step 3. Live sessions at least once a week

Step 4. Make yourself findable with hashtags

Step 5. Post carousels

Step 6. Respond and Leave comments, message

Step 7. Using Mass Story Viewing with Wolf Growth tool

#1. Signed up for Wolf Growth

#2. Grow 20k followers by choosing a target audience

#3. Start viewing stories 

Ready? Let’s go to it.

How To Grow 20k Followers On Instagram in 1 Month 

(From ZERO)

Step 1. Optimize your Instagram bio and profile

Here is where you show people who you are and what you do. 

A strong brand can grow beliefs and persuade them to click the follow button; those visitors may become followers.

How to optimize your Instagram bio and profile? 

Here is what your profile should include: 

  • Your avatar
  • Your name and username fields
  • Your bio

For example, this Moreecakeco will give a great picture.


Source: @moreecakeco on Instagram

You can also include extra info in your profile, like your website, contact, and location.

Step 2. Post at least once a day

A clear plan is an excellent starter goal for getting more Instagram followers. 

So, post at least once a day. This step is an extraordinary way to have the opportunity to gain new followers.

But don’t reupload old content. That can make people feel bored and leave. 

Try to show something new. People are always curious about new things. 

For example, you can try images, videos, quotes, reels, or even stories.

And deliver catchy content that will keep your audience engaged for the long run.

But watch out. Overdoing is also not a great idea, one post a day is enough. 

Don’t create content purely for followers.

Creating content that appeals to new people and provides a lot of value will help you gain the correct type of audience. 

So that way, you may end up generating sales. 

Remember that followers that don’t end up converting don’t matter. 

You want followers to help you build a brand that converts people into customers. 

Step 3. Live sessions at least once a week

Live sessions not only engage with your community faster but are accessible to grab the audience’s attention, so your account may get more popular.

It is much easier if you’re living with other people, for example, your friends or someone else in your industry. 

DM them, and ask them to be in an interview with you. 

You’ll gain more followers by doing live on your profile and their profile. 

Starting with accounts with less than 5000 followers and working your way up is an excellent way to start.

Step 4. Make yourself findable with hashtags

Using hashtags is such a beautiful way to help people find your content. 

You can include up to 30 posts for each, but it will work well if you use the right hashtags. 

In other words, focus on highly targeted hashtags specific to your post content, like the photo, product, and your account niche. 

Here is some significant way for you when use hashtags:

  • Use relevant hashtags to reach new users
  • Tag your location
  • Tag relevant users
  • Encourage others to tag you

And don’t forget to create your own branded hashtags. It’s an excellent start for building a solid image brand in the long run on Instagram.

Step 5. Post carousels

It sounds pretty simple, but a superpower

Element more than one picture per post; having multiple slides will provide special education for your reader. 

And it is not necessary to get tons of likes. Just do this at least once a week. 

Then, those posts eventually provide excellent engagement from people looking at slides one, two, three, and then following you. 

That is great because you’re bringing your readers valuable information. They feel it and are willing to engage with your post more frequently. 

And if you’re still struggling to get a lot of that content created, use tools like Canva, which provides a lot of templates, and can help you out.

Step 6. Respond and Leave comments, message

Another important step is to interact with your audience.

When someone comments on your post, respond. 

When someone DMs you, respond. 

Just respond as fast as possible. 

By engaging, you will get more and more followers. 

Besides, following other Instagram accounts and leaving comments on their profiles. 

You will get more followers by engaging with other social profiles in your space on Instagram. 

And make sure your comments are thoughtful and helpful.

Step 7. Using Mass Story Viewing with Wolf Growth tool

Grow Instagram followers by Wolf Growth tool
Grow Instagram followers by Wolf Growth tool

Lastly, choose an Instagram magic tool to grow 20K followers in one month. 

But there are a TON of tools. Many of them are expensive, and most of them are difficult to use. 

The good news is, there’s a different one – Wolf Growth. It’s easy to use and has many adorable options.

Unlike any other traditional tools, Wolf Growth uses a new method called “mass story viewing.”

WolfGrowth software lets you view millions of stories daily of highly targeted people in your niche.

It’s like the follow-for-follow method, but it’s safer and has premium guarantees. 

As its method’s name, by driving people from their stories to your Instagram account, they’ll check your profile and follow you. 

By doing this method, you’ll quickly gain a few hundred followers within a few hours.

Of course, make sure your profile account is optimized, as I said in step one above, and do some stuff in the next step. 

If you’re ready to get 20k followers, I’ll show you exactly how to do it with this magic “mass story viewing” method. 

Let’s get into it right now.

#1. Signed up for Wolf Growth

Click on “Get started.” 


After creating an account with your selected package, go to your dashboard’s story view feature.

Then, you will see your account right here. For example, here is my niche 


On the left, you can see all these lovely little icons where you will add your Instagram account.

image17 1

A cool thing here is you can also schedule posts in the future by using the schedule posts software. 

Just click the “schedule post” icon, and then plan your own time posting every week, every week, etc.


But the important part I want you to focus on here is the icon “mass story engager pro.” This tool is where we can view the stories of highly targeted people and get followers.


After clicking on that icon, the screen changes to a new interface, and you will see your account avatar and a table of intelligent control systems like this.

image4 1

#2. Grow 20k followers by choosing a target audience

After you’ve created your account, The 20K Followers race will begin.


The first step is to determine your target audience.

Click on “Target Settings”


Then they come to you with a lot of options like this

You should carefully select your target audience which is relevant to your niche.


And you can do this based on:

  • Hashtags: top hashtags 
  • Places: target people from specific locations
  • Explore: target people relevant to your niche
  • Followers: people who follow certain accounts of people in your niche
  • Post (likers): people who like the specific posts
  • Explore (liker): people who want the posts

For example, you pick a “hashtag,” and then in the search bar below, you type a new hashtag or whatever you want to target. 


It can take a few seconds to run, but it will look like this once done.

It gives you a lot of particular target suggestions, then selects what you like. 


The next step is to “select your story reaction.”

Your goal is to grow as many followers as possible. Ideally, you want to aim for 20k followers or higher.

Keep in mind that you can add more options simultaneously to your target, and it gets to achieve a better effect. 

You can also change them whenever you want.

They provide you with six options that you can free choosing:

  • Polls voting
  • Poll sliders
  • Quiz answers
  • Countdowns
  • Question/Answer
  • View stories

image19 1

For “Question/Answer,” this one is a little trickier because you would have to do it in a different section and add your questions and answers to a separate area.

And make sure you don’t add spam answers such as “like that” or “follow me” because that could get your account disabled. 

So try to use unique answers in the answers tab. 

Next, scroll down, and you can see the “Setup Follow/ Unfollow” like this:


This software also allows you to do “follow-for-follow”; you can pick your speed and how many people you want to follow a day.

The bad thing is this follow-for-follow method has some risks with many problems for your account, such as blocking Instagram and disabling your account.

And Instagram has released tons of updates that crack down on this method for later years. 

So for that reason, I’m not recommending this.

However, If you choose this, start with a mini number like 150 or 200 a day.


#3. Start viewing stories 

We’re almost done; scroll down until you see “Status,” click, select active, and then click save. 


So when you scroll up to your avatar image, you will see an “active” word below your picture and then go to the “Activity Log.”

image18 1

Here you can see what the account is going to do. 

Right now, it says the reaction loop configuration is completed. 

So it will start the loop within a few minutes or seconds.


As you can see, it’s already viewing stories of people right here.

You can see their story.

You can see the people when you click on it that you’re viewing the stories off. 

So now the software will do its job for you. 

You can sit back and relax while this tool is viewing all these people’s stories, and you should get a ton of followers from doing this.

Yeah, that’s how you grow 20 000 followers fast on Instagram.


Followers play an essential role in brand image and even more, but it’s tough to get a lot of followers if we don’t have a good strategy. 

And it is even more challenging if you just read and forget everything. 

So make sure you’ll practice and then enjoy seeing your followers increase daily on your Instagram profile.

So this comprehensive guide is key for anyone who readies to get 20k followers. Take it to step by step and see how it works.

Also, Wolf Growth is an affordable, easy-to-use tool to grow your followers combined with the six steps I show you. 

This tool will show you how to grow 20k Followers On Instagram in 1 Month or even shorter. Having a vast number of followers will make your brand gain a bunch of benefits, so remember to follow my seven steps: 

  1. Optimize your Instagram bio and profile
  2. Post at least once a day
  3. Live sessions at least once a week
  4. Make yourself findable with hashtags
  5. Post carousels
  6. Respond to comments, message
  7. Using Mass Story Viewing with Wolf Growth tool

It takes effort on your part, but it works. It’s not a lot of steps, but it works. 

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