How To Download Instagram Photos On Your Mobile? |

How To Download Instagram Photos on Your Mobile?

Download Instagram Photos on your mobile

Installing Instagram on your Android or iPhone today is a great way to gain access and view photos and videos posted by those you follow. However, Instagram doesn’t allow you to save the images that catch your eye. So, How To Download Instagram Photos on Your Mobile? Let us get into the detail.

Thankfully, there are ways around this restriction too! In this post we look at all the ways you can save Instagram Photos free of charge right to your computer (including iPhone & iPad as well).

Download Instagram photos on Your Mobile:

how to download insta images in mobile

To download photos and images from Instagram, first you must bypass the Instagram Download blocker. Get your image URL in 3 easy steps!

  1. Open Instagram from your PC / mobile and select the image you want.
  2. Then we right-click on it and choose the option “Open link in a new tab.” Or “copy link address on mobile. In the navigation bar the URL will appear a link similar to this: “”.
  3. Edit the URL link by adding the following extension: “/ Media /? Size = l”. After this, it is enough to right click again and select “Save Image”.

That’s it its one of the easiest way to download Instagram images on mobile or PC.

Download Instagram Images on Your Mobile with Apps

When it becomes more difficult to download Instagram photos from PC and mobile, some other options are available. For example, using a third-party app that can support photo transfers between different devices and then to the computer. There are 3 photo transfer apps which will be suitable for this job:

1. InstaDownload


To Download Instagram Photos on Your Mobile, there is a free app that can help you with this task. Here’s how to install it:

To download photo on Instagram use one of the following methods.

  1. Start with opening the app and register as users.
  2. Select the image that you want to download from Instagram.
  3. On the top, click three dots button and copy the link.  
  4. Finally, “Download” option appear, which will automatically create a copy on our mobile.

2. FastSave

Fastsave for Instagram is an excellent tool to download Instagram photos on mobile devices; using it, users can quickly save a photo, create a collection of all their pictures that they’ve liked or uploaded onto their own profile. One of the best app download Instagram Photos on Your Mobile.The app comes with lots of additional features and it’s very easy to use:

  1. once installed on your smartphone, you simply need to go to the application.
  2.  In order to find the image(s) you want and then click “Download”

This is how easy it is! Currently, Fastsave for Instagram can be viewed only on Google Play.

3. Download Gram

Th is is one of the most effective way to download photos and videos quickly from Instagram onto your mobile device is by using a specially downloadgram app. This app is easy to install, the interface is clean and the steps below will help you get started:

  1. web page
  2. Open your Instagram app on the phone at the same time
  3. Select the to download, by clicking on the post and copying the URL.
  4. Now go to DownloadGram page, paste the copied URL and select the option and click ‘Download’.

That’s it, your image will be in your photo gallery folder now.

Overall, with all the restrictions in social media apps like Instagram, sometimes we need a option to keep our data to ourself for better purposes. Downloading Instagram photos on mobile devices as well.

Let us know your ways to downloading the Instagram images in more efficient way as possible.

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